Keynote Speakers

“A good speaker is done speaking before the audience is done listening.” – O’jay

Industry experts and life coaches, as the world knows them and self-motivators and free will speakers, as they introduce themselves, the Success Bootcamp 2017, would be flooded with uncensored and limitless knowledge as soon as our speakers take over the podium. Al of these speakers brought on board are not just the most renowned names but have all it takes not just to mentor people and take them forward on the path of success but are also the most proactive and fierce speakers you’d have ever heard of them.

Look who’s been lined up!


Marlene Stokes


Stokes and Associates Training Group

Marlene is an accomplished authority in Success coaching, Sales technique training and Amazon Best-selling Author.


Sales Coach

John is a Sales Coach and Training Specialist and a catalyst for inspiring change, igniting passion and delivering dynamic presentations that improves performance.


Candice Merritt


Peaceful Solutions
Candice shares her passion by providing mediation services, motivational speaking, personal development & conflict resolution workshops.


Jose Oscar Seda M.D

Medical Director

Vital Life Wellness Center

Jose Oscar Seda M.D is a board certified physician in Family Medicine and a specialist in Holistic Wellness for 20 years.