Marlene Stokes


Marlene is an accomplished authority in Success coaching, sales skills training; sales technique training, development & leadership coaching and Amazon Best-selling Author. She is particularly gifted in sales management and grass roots marketing strategy and tactic planning. She is the Founder of Stokes and Associates Training Group which helps Sales organizations increase revenue by providing targeted sales training programs individually developed for their specific needs.

Marlene is highly developed Strategic Intervention coach. She can design specific step by step roadmap to help you accomplish ANY goal.

Her Success Coaching is for already successful people who want breakthrough to the next level in living their live on purpose, making a contribution to the world, while living, feeling joy, happiness and fulfillment. All life coaching is private, confidential. Her coaching plans are specifically designed for your life goals.

Marlene is a certified Neuro Linguistic programming practitioner and Author of the bestselling book Soul Food: A Daily Journal to Transformation.

She provides in-house intensive training workshops, virtual online workshops and one to one coaching.

She also provides Train the Trainer certification courses for Managers or anyone interested in becoming a Sales Trainer.

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